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What does it mean to be healthy?

What does it mean to have a healthy mind, body, and spirit?

This month we're jumping into all things health. Because I believe we're created for more—something God has really put on my heart the past few months. Not just physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. Because the truth is somebody can look super healthy, but inside might be drowning in a pool of lies from the enemy. Or maybe even have a healthy relationship with God in the spirit but yet can't control their thoughts and actions.

Mind, body, and spirit all play a part in truly being healthy with the Lord. Like a puzzle full of pieces. You can't see the end result until you put every piece where it needs to be. This is what it's like when you are able to seek God with a healthy mind body and spirit. Your eyes and your ears are able to see and hear him more clearly because you're aligned with His will. One will not work without the other.

Don't believe me?

Here is a picture of a girl who was filled with the joy of the Lord and battling depression at the same time.

Here is a picture of a girl who knew she was worthy but dealt with strong insecurities.

A girl who longed to seek Jesus deeper and at the same time, pushed everyone she loved away.

Here is a picture of a girl who knew she was valued and wanted but believed the world would be better without her. So she went against her own beliefs and tried to give up on life.

And If you don't know me... Yes, that "girl" would be me!

In every stage of my relationship with God. I thought I was fulfilled until I realized nothing could satisfy me. I was living a lie. My life became a huge oxymoron that I felt I could never overcome.

I spent time with the Lord, so this meant I was healthy? Right.

But after years of wondering why I still carried so much pain, I came to the conclusion that I was saved. But I wasn't set free. I was living unhealthy in every way.

It's so easy to smile and pretend like we're all okay, not battling anything. But the truth is we all are.

Even if you can't see it.

Being healthy isn't just about a number on a scale. It's about living a life that glorifies God.

In every way.

Mind. Body. Spirit.

So how do we start this process of cleansing ourselves from the inside out...

I believe my testimony is just one of many women who have been able to overcome so many battles. And I can tell you first hand I didn't do it alone. It took a lot of people, prayer, and patience.

Growth takes time. Like everything else we do; It's a process.

As a hairdresser, we are taught to clean the hair twice. Once to eradicate the oil left on your scalp and any product build up in the hair. And the second wash is what then cleanses the roots. The same way your dishwasher cleans plates and your washer cleans your clothes. It goes through cycles.

So, give yourself grace!

But don't stop.

Six years ago, I had no idea who I was or what my purpose on earth was. And now, I am a successful hairdresser, published author, and Christian blogger. And I don't say this to brag about my journey. I say this because I believe somebody is reading this and accepting that the world has labeled them as "this one thing" and they will never escape it.

I will never forget being a kid, diagnosed with ADD, dyslexia, and amblyopia all in the same year. Which if you don't know what amblyopia is, it basically means I had a " lazy eye" I could not see out of my left eye.

I had every odd against me when it came to reading. And one day somebody laughed at me and said: "the one thing you'll never be is a writer". It was the moment that then defined the rest of my school career. I labeled myself as damaged.

Until one day, I realized God had put a calling on my life and it was time I stopped believing lies and fulfilled my God-given purpose.

Let me give you another example.

A coffee cup. I bet most of you just now thought about a cup filled with coffee. Why? Because that type of cup is labeled for what the world says it's " supposed" to be used for. But can that same cup not hold water, lemonade, or juice?

It's so easy to let yourself be labeled as what the world thinks you should look like, wear, or even date. But we are not meant to live by the standards of man, we are meant to live for Jesus alone.

A teenage mom, an addict, a drop out, a nobody, overweight, anorexic

Whatever it is...



You are a child of God. Worthy, known, seen, and valued!

Your journey is just that. It's YOURS.

God has given me a passion for helping others discover their purpose because I've seen what He has done in me. And I write this blog every week in hopes somebody out there will experience the same " light blub" life-changing moment. Where you will wake up one day and realize you are NOT who you used to be!

We are made for more! So stop believing the lies that you are damaged beyond repair.

Being healthy starts from the inside out. And over the next few weeks, we are going to talk about what that looks like when you truly surrender your mind, body, and spirit to the Lord.

Here is a picture of a girl

who overcame every obstacle thrown her way, that doesn't walk where the Lord is not,

who prays not MY will but yours Jesus, who believes that no weapon formed against her will prosper!

Here is a picture of a girl

who surrendered all she was to the Lord and found victory in Jesus!

Here is a picture of me.

God wants you to prosper. ( Jeremiah 29:11)

We aren't made to constantly have to worry about our body image, actions, and appearance. God has given us the gifts of the fruits of the spirit. Just as we don't have to remind ourselves to breathe, we should get to a place where eating healthy, having pure thoughts and actions, and loving people well become second nature. And my prayer is that by the end of this month, you will be able to walk into a new surrendered healthy lifestyle. Where nothing and no one can hold you back! ( & Yes, I'm preaching to myself)

If you want victory, you can have victory!

It's time we put God first, break the seal that's been keeping our future captive. And dive into being healthy from the inside out. If God is for you, WHO can be against you! Don't be your own enemy. God has given you the authority to overcome. You just have to choose to walk in it.

Zechariah 4:6

"Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,' says the LORD Almighty."


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