The School of Promise

"The School of Promise" is an elementary school currently being built just a few hours outside of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. This school started with a dream of seeing change for this nation. And through the power of prayer, Jesus opened up doors for me to now have a place I can make this dream a reality. For the past five years, I have seen the need for education in Haiti continuing to grow. It was the first time I went to Haiti in 2014, that I met a man named Duckenson Previl. I had no idea at the time that it would be through Duckenson that I would have the opportunity to now partner with him in seeking justice for this nation. We believe the poverty in Haiti starts from a cycle of children being put into an orphanage and kicked out at the age of 18 with no education or hope for a future. The cycles then continue because they end up having children they aren't capable of taking care of and then put them in orphanages. Our hope behind this school is that they can not only come to receive an education but where they can receive the love of God. I have complete faith in Jesus that this school will be one marked by the Holy Spirit. And will ignite the flame to start revival across the nation. Haiti doesn't need another orphanage where kids aren't developing mentally and physically the way God has designed them. They need a place of change. And it starts with us. Jeremiah 29:11 says; "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Duckenson and I thank you in advance for being apart of all that God is continuing to do in Haiti. We believe that we will live to see the day where Hait is thriving so much, they will be in a place to bless other people out of the abundance of their nation. In Jesus name.  

Ways to get involved: 


This school started on the power of prayer! Duckenson and I believe that the Lord has such a divine plan for this place. Although we have seen mountains moved before us, the enemy is still going to try to withhold blessings and freedom from this school.


So, what to pray for? 


1) The donations. That my book, " Elizabeth Gets Healed," would get sold. That the name of Jesus will spread not only in Haiti but across America, and as people purchase my book, they would receive more of God because of it. 


2) The people. Physically and financially building the school. That they would feel the presence of God and receive greater blessings from it.  

3) The staff. The ones that will help run this school. Pray, we would find women and men of God wanting to help lead this next generation. 

4) THE CHILDREN. If you don't want to pray for every point or feel lead to pray for one thing specifically. Please pray over the kids that will come from all over the city. Pray that the moment they step foot into this school, they will see change. They will be filled with the spirit and won't be able to deny that the Lord is in this place. 



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